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CBP also caught another 6,029 family units crossing the Southwest U. border illegally during the month of October, a total 179 percent higher than the 2,162 family units the agency caught in October of last year.

Recent government data shows that more than two-thirds of the aliens the Obama administration has brought to the United States under the president's Central American Minors program weren’t actually minors at all.

The move was allegedly designed to keep underage children from relying on dangerous human smugglers to bring them across the U. This program will allow certain parents who are lawfully present in the United States to request access to the U. Refugee Admissions Program for their children still in one of these three countries.

Children who are found ineligible for refugee admission but still at risk of harm may be considered for parole on a case-by-case basis. Customs and Border Protection recently reported that it apprehended 97% more unaccompanied illegal minors at the border this October than last year. Customs and Border Protection reports it apprehended another 4,973 unaccompanied illegal alien children (UACs) at the U.

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“Clearly, as we approach an election in which uncontrolled immigration is a key issue on the minds of voters, the spectacle of the ongoing border surge is not helpful to the president’s party.

The move was allegedly designed to keep underage children from relying on dangerous human smugglers to bring them across the U. To help bolster the floundering program, the administration expanded CAM in August to include adult relatives of “qualifying” children, effectively nullifying the whole original point of the program.

Under these new guidelines, the administration now transports not only Central American minors into the United States, but also their adult siblings, aunts, uncles, or other related “caregivers.” Now, under the CAM program, the State Department told MRCTV in an email Wednesday that of the 1,600 aliens who have traveled to the United States to date, only 480 of them – just 30 percent – are children under the age of 18.

The refugee/parole program will not be a pathway for undocumented parents to bring their children to the United States, but instead, the program will provide certain vulnerable, at-risk children an opportunity to be reunited with parents lawfully resident in the United States. On top of failing to provide much help to many child “refugees,” the CAM program hasn’t made a notable impact on the number of unaccompanied children and families who’ve elected to come into the United States illegally via the Mexican border – which is the very problem the initiative was supposedly created to alleviate. S.-Mexico border in October, up 97 percent from the 2,519 UACs that border agents apprehended in October of last year.

And, like many government initiatives, the CAM program has been completely ineffective in slowing the number of children crossing the U. That same month, the Obama administration released more than 6,000 illegal alien children to sponsors living in the United States.

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