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*Children attending the CGS program will remain in their class for the first part of the worship service and return to the service for Holy Eucharist with their families.

For more information about CGS, click Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Meets From: a.m.— a.m. Tray Light teaches The Youth Class will focus on deepening our personal relationship with Christ as well as making our worship more meaningful.

Mine are the students whose applications show indifferent grades and have blank spaces where the extracurricular activities would go. I can relate, for it was exactly this line of thinking that dictated where I sent my teaching résumé.

The campuses are physically lovely—quiet havens of ornate stonework and columns, Gothic Revival archways, sweeping quads, and tidy Victorian scalloping.

Students chat or examine their cell phones or study languidly under spreading trees.

Balls click faintly against bats on the athletic fields.

Inside the arts and humanities building, my students and I discuss Shakespeare, Dubliners, poetic rhythms, and Edward Said.

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