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A phrase I commonly hear now on an almost daily basis is “Slack me.” You know when a product’s name has become a verb, it’s having a significant impact on existing paradigms–in this case, workplace communication.

Launched in August 2013, Slack allows colleagues to create and message groups of people and individuals, and it’s had a profound effect on how colleagues and coworkers communicate in (and out of) the workplace.

"It seemed clear that something had to be done." Twenty-seven people in the United States, Canada, Australia and Britain have been indicted on charges of using an Internet chat room to traffic in thousands of images of child pornography, including streaming live molestations over the Web, federal authorities announced Wednesday.

The operators of an Asperger's syndrome message board on which an Orange County teen threatened a "terror campaign" in the days before he killed his two neighbors and himself said Tuesday that they felt no responsibility to have alerted authorities to the threat.

The other reason is his 14-year-old daughter, Jessica.

"It was very difficult for me, having raised children, to envision a situation where the Internet could exist with this material on it," said Duvall, 50.

Bunnyjuice® lovekits might be just what you’re looking for. First, it sells its lovekits in hotel rooms (and online), not in a seedy strip mall storefront.So we sat down with CEO Tod Guenther to talk about the birth of this quirky company and its progress to date: What was the spark that inspired the birth of bunnyjuice? The first inspiration was simply the desire to start something new – a product-based business versus a creative services company.I’ve worked for years promoting, creating, and branding other people’s products, so I was really searching for a scalable venture or idea that gave us a product that we could apply our talents to.When software developer Bill Duvall gazes into the future of cyberspace, he sees a world where the technology you use is inexorably tied to the ideology you follow.That's one reason he has jumped into the rising national debate over who should police the Internet for pornography and other explicit material.

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