Are edward and bella from twilight dating

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Ahead, through the darkness of the thick forest, she SEES SUNLIGHT; a clearing. JUMP CUT TO: Bella and Edward, only feet from Gran now. PULL BACK TO FIND Gran is now surrounded by a GILDED FRAME. Then he leans in very close to her 83-YEAR-OLD FACE and whispers into her ear -- EDWARD Happy birthday. BELLA'S BEDROOM - MORNING ON BELLA - her eyes snap open. A book, "ROMEO AND JULIET," lays open on her chest. INCLUDE HER ROOM, cluttered with pictures of Edward, of the Cullens; memorabilia of all things Edward. CHIEF CHARLIE SWAN enters carrying two gifts, one wrapped, one not. But Edward just smiles and steps into the sunlight. She spins to the voice behind her to SEE -- EDWARD emerge from the forest, his alabaster skin in sharp contrast to the shadows. until he moves to edge of the shade, inches from sun's rays -- BELLA Stop - she'll see! CHARLIE To put your pictures in, record your senior year -- man, senior year.

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It's pretty hard to believe that it's been over seven years since the first Twilight movie hit the big screen.TWILIGHT: NEW MOON Written By Melissa Rosenberg Adapted from the Novel by Stephenie Meyer Dec. Sunbeams SHATTER off his skin like a thousand rainbow shards, as if he were made of diamonds. JUMP CUT TO: Edward now inches from Bella, still glistening, entrancing her. 21, 2008 CREDITS OVER: A FULL MOON FILLS THE FRAME -- Luminous, tinged with gold. It's the meadow where Edward revealed his skin in the sun. Instead, Bella SEES -- ACROSS THE MEADOW -- AN OLD WOMAN, white hair framing her withered face. She wraps an arm around his waist, then arranges her face into a calm expression. Even crazier is the fact that we said goodbye to our favorite characters three years...Were you the first in line to see all five Twilight films?!

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