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The term "catfish" is derived from the title of the previously-mentioned 2010 documentary, in which filmmaker Schulman discovers that the woman with whom he'd been carrying on an online relationship had not been honest in describing herself.MTV and the Catfish film's producers, Schulman and Joseph, help people who are emotionally entangled with someone they have never met in real life.Near unanimity for all the directors, like the reappointment of the auditors and approval of the annual report and accounts is very much the normal course of events.Mr Ashley, who founded the firm and owns much of it, is entitled to vote for who he wishes as chair.Mike Ashley's actions suggest that for all the assurances given before MPs in a famously dramatic hearing before the Business Select Committee, Mr Ashley’s feel for public relations and the best interests of his company and all its stakeholders is not as assured as they might wish The reappointment of the chairman of a sports/leisure wear company would usually not signal very much about the state of British business.Sports Direct however, as in so many areas at this scandal-hit company, is not a case of business as usual.To win, the 31-year-old Bartlett man needed to weigh less than 269 pounds, almost half his starting weight of 526 pounds. At a recent breast cancer marathon, his new physique attracted wolf whistles from female admirers. But aside from the ego boost and the excitement of fitting into pants with a 38-inch waist, Ventrella hasn’t found a way to capitalize on his celebrity.The numbers on the scale flipped wildly back and forth, then stopped at 262. His prize money is long gone, half to the taxman and the rest to paying off his student loans, credit cards, and truck loan.

So this guy came up with the idea that if you put these cods in these big vats, put some catfish in with them and the catfish will keep the cod agile.As the most recent winner, Ventrella isn’t on NBC’s payroll, although he is spending much of his time promoting the show.It’s part of the contract he signed as a contestant; he receives only a modest per diem rate, plus expenses.Even so, Mr Hellawell can hang on because he has the 100 per cent support of the majority shareholder, Mike Ashley.Even so, an overall vote of 81 per cent for Mr Hellawell’s reappointment as chairman is extremely lukewarm by the usual standards of such polls.

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