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This grand structure's 173-foot-tall copper dome dominates the town center.

Take the worthwhile and free 45-minute tour, which gives you a rundown on city government and an explanation of the decor that makes this an Ulster political hall of fame.

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The top floor is dedicated to rotating art exhibits, the next floor down covers local nature, and the one below that focuses on history. For a quick look, hop a cab up Falls Road, past Sinn Fein headquarters and lots of murals, to the Milltown Cemetery (£6, sit in front and talk to the cabbie). Easy-to-flag-down cabs run every minute or so in each direction on Falls Road.

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Its Great Hall — bombed by the Germans in 1941 — looks as great as it did the day it was made.

If you can't manage a tour, at least step inside to admire the marble swirl staircase and the view up into the dome.

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