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Watch the video -- exclusively on ETonline -- below! Caillat will be joined on the road by High Dive Heart -- a pop duo consisting of Reeves and his real-life love, Nelly Joy -- and Young. He joined my band and we didn't start dating for two years after that," Caillat said of her fiance. Kicking off on October 8—the day after her album drops—she’ll be serving up some new songs for her fans, and in a whole new way.“It’s the first acoustic tour I’ve ever done, and it’s really different because I’m playing this new album in its entirety,” she said.The former You Tube sensation has become a veritable star.Join Colbie Caillat on her tour this 2011; Use Eventful as your source for Colbie Callait tour dates and concert schedule information.

She auditioned for American Idol twice, even performing an original song, the soon-to-be hit single "Bubbly", but was turned down.

The native southern Californian's roots shine through her perfect melodies and acoustic guitar.

Though she was born to super-producer, Ken Caillat, who produced the massively successful Fleetwood Mac albums Rumors and Tusk; Caillat's rise to fame was nothing but homegrown.

“I really wanted to make an album that sounded like it came from the ‘70s: classic rock, a lot of harmonies, and a lot of acoustic guitars.” To get the sound just right, Caillat spent two months living in a Malibu beach house with her producer, her friends, and her fiancé, musician Justin Young.

To give the album an authentic ’70s vibe, “We recorded everything on vintage equipment and used vintage instruments,” said Caillat.

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