Cassie steele dating anyone

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In the earlier seasons, Manny had noted that she wanted to be a fashion designer, but her dreams later changed to wanting to pursue a career in acting. She was rivals with Paige Michalchuk, Ellie Nash, Ashley Kerwin, Peter Stone and Holly J.

She attended Smithdale University and starred in Mewesical High, a film musical about the director Jason Mewes' life. Her other best friends are Liberty Van Zandt and Darcy Edwards. Sinclair, but seems to have made peace with all of them. The two continue talking about Jordan as they get acquainted with their school and look at old reunion photos.

Starting when she was 11 and continuing for the next decade, Cassie immersed herself in the high school universe her character lived in…even though it meant forgoing a real HS experience.

Would she go back and rewrite that chapter in her life? Cassie says she loved being on set with friends, and through Manny, could “imagine what it’d be like to be [attending a] real high school.” Looking forward, she admits she’d love to get into film because it would give her more time to work on her music. V., she says, “There are so many breaks where you can’t work on your music and the songs that you’d written four months ago aren’t relatable to you anymore and you have to write a new set of songs.”“I don’t think my goal is international stardom,” she tells us.

Which "TNG" stars were the Neville Longbottoms of Degrassi High? Our central protagonist Emma Nelson was cute as a button when we first met her as a seventh grader in 2001.

Back then, crimping was all the rage, so we can't really blame bb Emma for her love of crimped pigtails, but those early photos probably make Miriam Mc Donald cringe. Mc Donald, now 28, is still acting in Toronto, and judging from her Insta account, she's really into #fitspo selfies and brunching with her BFFs, which still includes her onscreen bestie Cassie Steele. Long before "thong-gate" and her trajectory to Degrassi's resident wild child, Manny Santos was the epitome of BFF.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation" may be over, but that's not stopping us from taking a minute to reflect on all of the important life lessons the Canadian teen show taught us.

“There are going to be 99 rejections to your one win, and that’s just the way it is constantly trying to find a new job in this profession.

It's no secret that Corinne Olympios is heading to Bachelor in Paradise for its fourth season but there might be another Bachelor alum heading to the summer reality dating spin-off who will most likely clash with the 24-year-old bachelorette.

The Degrassi franchise first began in 1979 with The Kids of Degrassi Street.

Jill Zarin, who is set to make her return to The Real Housewives of New York City on Wednesday's episode, has never held back when it comes to her long-standing feuds, especially when it comes to Ramona Singer.

On this episode of The Originals, "Phantomesque," Rebekah and Kol return to New Orleans, Freya, Hope and Hayley work together to save Elijah and the Hollow makes Kol a deal he may not be able to refuse.

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