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Finally, late that night, Scott Tyree arrived with his captive at his home in Herndon, Virginia. There she could see sadistic devices hanging on the wall.

And over the next several days Tyree would rape her, beat her, and share images of his new sex slave to his buddies over the Internet.

But if you’ve ever been to the Basement, you probably know that that description doesn’t really do us justice.

Describing a person (Usually age 30 ) who lives in their parents basement, and would rather play video games such as Wo W/Counter-Strike or hang out in online chatrooms/IRC than go out into the real world and have a tangible social life.

In most cases, a poopsock is also a basement virgin.

She only referred to him as “the monster.” She recounted for me the details of her four-day-long nightmare.

But for Alicia, the story doesn’t begin the day of her abduction. Parents, you won’t want to miss what she has to say.

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