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The electors have been deluged with calls, letters and emails in the past couple weeks, enough that the state party made a complaint to the state police.

2017 – Ann Harrold, Ross Township 2016 – Bronco Brnardic, West Deer 2015 – Rose Liptak, Mt Lebanon 2014 – Marianne Stearns, Franklin Park 2013 – Bill & Cindy Kirk, Mc Candless Township and Maryanne & Robert Purdy, Upper St.

As storytelling, it’s a stringently all-business affair, with scant time for the jocular frivolities of “The Big Short” or the aforementioned “Wolf”; it scores a solitary belly-laugh with its protagonist’s power-tripping freakout over the amount of chocolate in a cookie she’s served. ” she yells at a bewildered male underling; a meme-ready moment, should the film take hold with an audience.) “Equity’s” relative sternness of tone hardly feels accidental, given its portrayal of a professional landscape where women have to labor strenuously to convince male colleagues and clients of their seriousness.

Press materials boast that Menon has made “the first female-driven Wall Street movie,” a claim that may be countered by certain fans of Mike Nichols’ “Working Girl” — though either way, “Equity” is light years removed from the milder-mannered, male-conceived wish fulfillment of that workplace comedy.

Scaife, Pittsburgh 2013 – Ellen Melrose, City of Pittsburgh 2012 – Richard Stampahar, O’Hara Township 2011 – Lou Nudi, Ross Township 2010 – Geneva Mc Kee, Monroeville 2009 – Eileen & Hilary Holste, City of Pittsburgh 2008 – Jacqueline Baguet, Mt Lebanon 2007 – Maxine Niehoff, Churchill 2006 – Shirlee & Ed Nelson, Moon Township 2005 – Mike Dolan, City of Pittsburgh 2004 – B.

Kenneth Simon – inaugural year 2017 – West Deer Republican Committee 2016 – West Deer Republican Committee 2015 – Upper St Clair Republican Committee 2014 – Moon Township Republican Committee 2013 – West Deer Republican Committee 2012 – Ross Township Republican Committee 2011 – Bradford Woods Republican Committee 2010 – Indiana Township Republican Committee 2009 – Mc Candless Republican Committee 2008 – Mc Candless Republican Committee 2007 – Upper St Clair Republican Committee 2006 – Marshall Township Republican Committee – inaugural year 2017 – Samuel Hurtz 2016 – Stephen Schlauch 2015 – Katelyn King 2014 – Chris Metz 2013 – Lorenzo Riboni 2012 – Dan Soltesz 2011 – Matt Vermeire – inaugural year 2017 – Senator Tom Cotton 2016 – Senator Pat Toomey 2015 – Congressman Lou Barletta 2014 – Ken Cuccinelli 2013 – Dr.

Clair 2012 – Woody & Diane Mc Vicker, Ross Township 2011 – Gary Young, Dormont 2010 – Lou Neubert, Indiana Township 2009 – Dave Majernik, Plum Borough 2008 – Roxanne Buckels, North Fayette 2007 – Nancy Hamstead, Mt Lebanon 2006 – Kay & Dino Bello, Bethel Park 2005 – Jane Wills, Penn Hills 2004 – Beatrice Browand, Upper St.

“I’m excited to present our new series to the Republican lieutenant governors where women have assumed great leadership roles.At the meeting RWRN’s election cycle metrics were also introduced, including the goal to recruit 500 new women candidates to run for state-level office and see 150 of those appointed or elected.Right Women, Right Now is designed to recruit, train and support new women candidates at the state level.Snapped up by Sony Classics prior to its Sundance premiere, Menon’s film has a strong marketing hook in its more-novel-than-it-should-be gender purview; it may, however, find VOD a more bullish market.Short of getting Leonardo Di Caprio to provide side commentary from a bubble bath, “Equity” could hardly fashion itself more conscientiously as the antidote to a subgenre of film that, in line with the lopsided corporate realm it depicts, is dominated by aggressively male power structures.

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