Dating chaldean man

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Chaldeans are often referred to as Sand-Niggers, boaters, and Chaldos.

They are Successful business People who often own liquor stores, grocery stores, gas stations, dollar stores, restaurants, meat markets, and half of Detroit.

Coming to the United States around 20-30 years ago, not knowing how to speak english they worked hard and made a living.

Will sexual likely to meet that special someone who can bring much time we won’t be so disappointed by all modern love and relationships.

Dating in the Chaldean World is very different than what you’ve seen. The words “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” do not exist in the Chaldean Culture. We follow the idea of courtship; and we are very strict when it comes to that. This courtship process may seem difficult for others who hear about it, but growing up in this culture I feel it is a good approach to marriage and really gets your ready for a beautiful life with your soon-to-be-husband.

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