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An additional prose passage provides one of the most ancient references to King David as the composer of the book of Psalms: “and David, the son of Jesse, was wise, and a light like the light of the sun...

When William Shakespeare died in 1616, only about half of his plays had ever been printed, in small one-play editions called quartos.

The sonnets, far more popular today than the epic poems, are still published both individually and as a group.

You can find a full digitization of the 1609 sonnets in our digital image collection, as well as the 1593 A quarto is a book in which each printed sheet is folded twice—in half, and then in half again—to produce four double-sided leaves, or eight pages.

Social Notices and News These indexes cover notices for birth, marriage, news, retirements, anniversaries, divorce, military records and more as published in the Port Arthur Daily News, Port Arthur News-Chronicle or the Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal.The TBPL collection includes 3,000 photographs, some dating back to the mid-1800s.Photographs are available for use at the Brodie Resource Library or online through the Gateway to Northwestern Ontario History.This small scroll preserves one of the earliest known copies of the “Ten Commandments” (the Decalogue), a central dogma in Judaism and Christianity, and the majestic description of their divine revelation at Mount Sinai.This book of Psalms is one of the best preserved biblical scrolls, containing 48 psalms, including 7 that are not found in the standard Masoretic version of the Bible.

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