Dating fear

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by sending me an email and changing his relationship status on My Space. And so, I finally let myself come to terms with JJ's death.By "come to terms" I mean that I adopted an oxycodone habit that I coupled with drinking my weight in alcohol.Dating, by its very nature, is a situation in which two people have not already committed to a permanent relationship.So, for many people, if not most people, dating relationships are experienced as insecure attachments and therefore anxiety producing.

And, wouldn't you know, a few months later, I met Army Boy.

The reward far outweighs any of the risks of dating to find him.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t scared as crap to be “on the market” again.

You might think she'd be ecstatic at this long longed for situation.

However, for her (and she is far from alone) this recognition of expanded possibility is followed by a fear of receiving.

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