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Starting in 1968, Revere economized their manufacturing process, and reduced the thickness of the copper cladding by almost 50%.Invisible to the naked eye, this change not only lowered costs but also reduced the effectiveness of the cladding to such a degree that the cooking qualities were adversly affected.The copper cladding on Revere Ware distributes cooking heat preventing hot spots, which cause food to burn and stick.

Like gold, copper can be hammered cold into shapes, rolled flat, or melted and cast.The bakelite handles were changed from two piece to one, and the thickness of utensil walls and copper cladding were reduced.While the cookware division remained profitable, the seventies saw parent company Revere Brass & Copper Corp. Transferring of its aluminum production from domestic to overseas manufacturing marked the beginning of the end.Few activities are more basic than cooking, and few metals used in the preparation of food are more basic than copper, which is just one of the reasons why copper cookware is the choice of amateur and professional chefs alike.Beyond this primal appeal, copper distributes heat more evenly than other metals or alloys, so much so that many stainless-steel pots and saute pans feature a layer of copper on their undersides.

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