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And, researchers say this phenomenon is also common in lakes on Earth.

The discovery is a step toward better understanding whether Mars was ever able to support life, as this type of environment could have created ‘multiple opportunities for different types of microbes to survive.’ Sony SRS-XB40 has a built-in multi-coloured line light, speaker lights and a flashing strobe.

On Wednesday, the dating app Tinder announced that it will be implementing the feature that’s most often requested by its users: adding information on job and education to profiles.

On its blog, Tinder, which logs 1.6 billion profile views per day, said that this would allow users to make “more informed choices” when deciding which way to swipe.

The video, originally created by mathematician Gerald Eichstaedt, took 60 hours to make, and reconstructs Juno’s flyby from the perspective of the spacecraft.

There were some bright spots like Anthony Hopkins but the way the story was told and directed it didn't matter who the actors were.

She alleged that during this period she encountered a group of spiritual adepts, the "Masters of the Ancient Wisdom", who sent her to Shigatse, Tibet, where they trained her to develop her own psychic powers.

Both contemporary critics and later biographers have argued that some or all of these foreign visits were fictitious, and that she spent this period in Europe.

It was so bad and poorly done that there really shouldn't be a second season.

She gained an international following as the leading theoretician of Theosophy, the esoteric religion that the society promoted.

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