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But Grohl, too, had swatted away Love's tweets, including the comment, "I'm not mad at [Frances], him I am about to shoot, dead.""Unfortunately Courtney is on another hateful Twitter rant," Grohl said in a statement."These new accusations are upsetting, offensive and absolutely untrue."Love tweeted last night from her locked-and-private Twitter account, @Cbabymichelle, that she heard Grohl "had his hands all over" her daughter and was "OBSESSED" with his late bandmate's family.Courtney also sounds off about not liking the dude Frances is engaged to, and she compares Grohl to Mitt Romney — stating they both have a “rape thing.” While I gladly reported on this article, it bums me out that one of Courtney’s private followers sold her out to the world!

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Apparently, she’s heard from three reliable sources. It’s safe to say that Love takes many a cue from Kim Zolciak: If she dies, she’s dying in Dior."I think her dad would be very proud of her." Though she was interviewed for the film, and footage of her relationship with Cobain is the primary focus of the second hour, Love had no creative control over the project."As a subject of the film, I didn't want to have anything to do with producing it because I think it would have impugned on the credibility of it," she says.Love has also accused singer Ryan Adams of ripping her off after getting confused about a connection she had with a member of his production crew, the Ashes and Fire star had to release a statement setting the facts straight.Frances Bean filed a restraining order against Love in 2009, after it was granted she chose initially to live with her maternal grandmother and now has a residence in Los Angeles where she lives quietly away from the spotlight with her fiance, Isaiah Silva.

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