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Looks like a busy day with the long weekend ahead at . No pictures with these weather conditions and on the way for a runway "One-Eight" departure.

Theft of antiques became rampant in Albania in the 1990s, as the country struggled through a period of anarchy and lawlessness following the collapse of the authoritarian Communist regime.

I will be visiting Albania for the first time in just a few weeks (2nd week of August).

I am flying into TIA and will likely be renting a car. Does anyone have any suggestions as to cheap and reliable companies?

Following public uproar after the destruction of paintings by Albanian medieval master Onufri, the Albanian Institute of Monuments has unveiled a plan to install 88 new security cameras in dozens of churches to protect them from looters.

The head of the Institute, Apollon Bace, says the Ministry of Culture might also consider recomposing the old system of guardians who used to patrol and protect heritage sites in remote areas, if more funds were allocated.

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