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Along with the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream ushered in not only the power trio concept, but also the heavy blues which would eventually lead into hard rock and heavy metal. From the opening notes of “Strange Brew,” it’s clear that the band had moved on from the style of their debut, taking those blues roots and twisting them into a vibrant 1967 technicolor.The pattern is followed with even more dramatic effect on the album’s second track, “Sunshine of Your Love.” A simple blues guitar riff sets the tone, but the pounding of Ginger Baker‘s drums propel the song into foreign territory.Ritz’s secluded yet prime location is the perfect spot for any artist, however big or small.

Any larger vehicles can park on the main road, and we can arrange further transport to the studios.

Throw in a killer Eric Clapton solo and you’ve got a true classic.

Released as a single in early 1968, it hit the Top 5 and helped push the LP to No. Throughout the album, the interplay between the three is stunning, setting the benchmark for hard rockers to follow.

Situated within half a mile from one mainline and two underground stations, you can be sure to never get stuck for transport options.

Positioned in zone 2, you will never be too far away from central london, but there’s no need to pay congestion charge.

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