Dresden porcelain dating dating a kabar

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The Meissen “AR” mark and crossed swords mark are among the most forge marks on porcelain.

The town of Dresden, Germany, has been home to many decorating studios since the early 1700s.There was French Sevres porcelain (mark: royal cipher with interlaced "L" letter forms) which is not to be confused with the very popular, hand painted Quimper pottery, German Meissen porcelain (mark: blue crossed swords), and Vienna porcelain of Austria (mark: blue Austrian shield or beehive form).When understanding pottery marks and learning how to decode pottery marks, these three porcelain production firms are very important to the history of the medium.Staffelstein was the perfect location as it was very close to the Hausen factory which would continue production until the new factory was completely finished and on the other hand it was close enough to the town of Kronach and its skilled workers.The move however would still take a while as the company had to apply for a building permission and get through the general planning stages first - and then the new factory still had to be built and thoroughly tested.

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