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Das ist, was im Kleingedruckten der Lizenzvereinbarung bei der Verwendung von proprietärer Software einverstanden.

Die Konzerne hinter proprietärer Software wird oft Spion auf Ihre Aktivitäten und schränken Sie vom Austausch mit anderen.

Und weil unsere Computer steuern viel von unserer persönlichen Daten und tägliche Aktivitäten, proprietäre Software stellt eine nicht hinnehmbare Gefahr für eine freie Gesellschaft.

Wir glauben an das unendliche Potenzial menschlicher Kreativität.

Some 45 years before, same city, other regime: thousands of citizens of Berlin – millions across Europe – deported into the concentration camps, tortured, starved to death or executed because of their religion, political views, homosexuality – not few of them betrayed by their neighbors, colleagues even relatives. I am talking about prevailing cultural differences between people in democratic nations in spite of the many similarities we observe in shopping malls, fast food chains or Facebook accounts.

If you care about technological knowledge transfer especially from US-Campaigns or UK-Campaigns to Germany and many other nations you have to take into account, that you are balancing on a very thin line. And yet, I cannot make use of all of the technology available, even if I wanted to – and even if I were able to afford it.

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