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No offence to people who couldn't do it, but I finished it in 3 minutes.Since I won't be able to host TMIA5 till September, I thought of a cute little concept that requires very little participation from the players AND close to no hosting effort on my part~ Dating Pool is the search for RTVG's most attractive member on da social scene. Being ranked first will grant you a high score, being ranked last will grant you a low score. I will be looking for ties in the Matchmaking Score, which leads us to 3 possible scenarios: In this scenario, a portion of the cast will become Bachelors, and the rest will form the Dating Pool.Once all the tied couples are removed from the process, the Matchmaking Ceremony will resume normally.In the rare event that everyone has formed a couple via Matchmaking Scores, one of two things will happen; in rounds with an uneven number of players, the person left off will be eliminated, and in rounds with an even number of players, we will go to a Mismatch Ceremony.Cheats Are Below Aswell As The Girls Infomation Ivai (Pink Haird One) Number - 085-321 Age - 18 Birthday - November 15 Car -I Havn't Fav Food - Fried Fish Fav Anime - Naruto And Se ELa Height - 170cm Fav Book - Not Like To Read Fav Drink - Es Degan Fav Jewlry - Ring Fav Game - Harvest Moon From - Flower Town Weight - 55kg Fav Gift - Flower Fav Film - serial Experimental Lain Not Like - Play Boy Fav Song - Dont Cried Me By Anima Fav Color - Pink Fav Place - Beach Ellie (Green Haird One) Number - 085-332 Age - 18 Birthday - May 5th Car - I Havn't Fav Food - Fried Rice Fav Anime - Hikarunogo And Slamdunk Height - 170cm Fav Books - Flash Game Maker Fav Drink - Water Fav Jewelry - Necklare Fav Game - Breath Of Fire IV From - Grass Town Weight - 54kg Fav Gift- Flower Fav Film - Nothing Not Like - Play Boy Fav Song - Never Willing By From Five Minutes Fav Colour - Green Favorite place - Cave Hot Spring Cheats: Sagara - The Relationships For Both Girls Are: 700 (You Still Need To Talk To Them To Get To Date Them Just It Wont Take As Long) Hikarunogo - 9999 & Charm : 100% (100) Strength : 100% (100) Intelligence: 100% (100) Romance : 100% (100) (Use Both To Make It Easier) Enjoy : D :dewave::dewave::dewave:when i talk to e girl all it does is give me ............. Kitari Koran To Make It Talk I Got All My Stats Up (Charm, Strength, Intellegence Up And Still Happend So You Havde To Keep Talking To Them Hi, Just Sponsered a "Non-Adult" dating sim: Name: Elliv Island Dating sim description: You have 100 days on Elliv island to find and date the perfect girl of your dreams.

Probably this image of the gamer is so popular because most people can't imagine that games can actually be romantic and even attractive to female audiences.

Starting from casual chat to virtual gifts and dates, accepting challenges together, going on quests, saving each other's lives, etc, a gaming experience can only make things additionally thrilling.

Blizzard have been aware of this Wo W "love" effect for quite a while now and they have put a lot of effort into encouraging in-game flirtation.

The game can even make it easier for a man to express his feelings for a woman.

There are many in-game creative ways to attract her attention.

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