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“There were so many lead roles that were offered to me, that were available, when I was in my 30s,” Hunter said.

“Once I got to be like, 45, there was a real downturn.” Hunter expressed deep gratitude for “Saving Grace,” the TNT television series in which she played a hard-drinking Oklahoma City police detective abetted by a tough-talking guardian angel named Earl.

And while we never saw JLO, say, feeding Ben Affleck, she did endure a similar kind of bro-f-ckery when they were together, sitting beside him wordlessly while he played poker, the embarrassment of him going to a peeler bar during their engagement and there was some of that in Marc Anthony too as there have long been reports that he was controlling of her when they were married. JLO will never not be a bigger name than ARod …ever.Cut to grown-up Jane Craig (Holly Hunter) power walking through a random urban landscape; her focus is once again single-minded, but not to the extent that she can’t stop and grab a newspaper from a string of kiosks outside her hotel. No offense to the great Winger, a battler who’d more than held her own onscreen with the bullying likes of Richard Gere and Shirley Mac Laine, but she would’ve likely brought a softer, less antic energy to Jane.It’s like trying to envision Christopher Walken as Han Solo: you can’t.Though the music decidedly takes a backstage to the human drama that Malick creates, it’s an element (along with the presence of some notable musicians) that helps to adds a beating, human heart to the proceedings.Lykke Li, a musician whose penchant for floating fabric and theatricality on-stage makes her a perfect fit for the dreamy landscape, appearing, refreshing and deathly hip, as one of BV’s ex-girlfriends as well as providing two tender love songs to the soundtrack.

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