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Today, Messenger is launching free VOIP video calling over cellular and wifi connections on i OS and Android in the U. Facebook’s goal is to connect people face to face no matter where they are or what mobile connection they have.

With Messenger, someone on a new i Phone with strong LTE in San Francisco could video chat with someone on a low-end Android with a few bars of 3G in Nigeria.

), and In Culto (who just released their third album in Ireland! That kind of attenuation of subject matter is pretty shameful, and there’s no reason for me to keep up the sham of presenting Lithchat as a more in-depth site.

So here are some ways out: For English-language news about Lithuania, I rely mostly on the portal Alfa English. I also was really excited about Baltic Reports, which moved to a pay model and is now being bought out, so their future is uncertain, but probably promising.

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The content isn’t great, and much of it comes from the Lithuanian Tribune, which has its own idiosyncratic approach to English. For dual citizenship questions, I suspect that by the time things change drastically, the news outlets will be much more prosperous and obvious, and it’ll be easy to find information.

Those of you whose ancestors left Lithuania before 1940 are probably out of luck more or less permanently.

User experience wise, the video content is confined to internal audiences through requiring viewers to authenticate.

This can take the shape of single sign-on (SSO) integrations or email verification.

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