Problems updating entropia universe software dating null

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So let's try correcting all of them without the "HTTP://"....The Entropia Universe Client runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.The game can be played for free, but spending money on the in-game currency allows significant additional options like purchasing items, skills, deeds/shares, services from other players.Nearly all of the main in-game activities (such as hunting, crafting items, mining, etc.), require expendable resources (ammunition, probes, guns, finders, extractors), which must be purchased from vending machines (or other players).You can mine almost anywhere in the world you want, you just usually won't find anything.

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In any case, there is a lot of interest from Entropia Universe players in migrating to various Linux platforms; e.g..

Moreover, both Wine 1.5.25 and Wine 1.5.26 have been found to work well with Entropia Universe with the application of patch 27310 (originally developed for bug 18799)..

For these reasons, I am requesting the insertion of Wine 1.5.26 patched with attachment 27310 into Play On Linux All the links are brocken because the colon in the " part of the link keeps getting dropped.

This was done with Wine 1.4 to allow 1.4-rc5-d3d_doublebuffer to be offered via Play On Linux.

However, a number of video and pseudo HTML/RTF rendering bugs have been fixed since version 1.4 and patching Wine is a particularly complicated and poorly documented process - especially where Windows users are concerned.

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