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Note: This page describes the , which works on Android 5.0 (API level 21) or greater. Before enabling your application to use cameras on Android devices, you should consider a few questions about how your app intends to use this hardware feature. The details are described in the training lessons Taking Photos Simply and Recording Videos Simply.

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If your application does not specifically require a camera using a manifest declaration, you should check to see if a camera is available at runtime.4X5" trumped medium format, and medium format trumped 35mm.No one with any real-world experience debated this.The modular concept of X-View DPXe controllers allows for a mixture of signal input types, ranging from conventional composite video or YC analogue CCTV cameras, IP cameras as well as DVI/VGA and HDMI inputs which enable DVR's, NVR's and system monitoring and control PC's to be displayed simultaneously onto the displays.The displays can be configured for portrait, landscape or a mixture of both which can enable flexible design of the monitoring wall within a confined space.

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