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Nick - nick1pres Allows people in one channel to have op functions in another channel anonymously. Intended for automated Xchat clients (Bots) Script listens for commands in the private chan and acts on them in the public chan. Also fixed error handling if Clementine is not running. I found the C ones supplied with various versions of Xchat would frequently crash Xchat if a stray tab character got into them. Player has a chance to win a trophy if they beat the existing record.

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A group of bots which are linked together is called a network or botnet.It's simple, fast and easy to understand - and best of all, it lets you create virtual participants in the conversation.That's what we're going to do here: write a 'robot' that joins in an IRC conversation, and with which you can converse to get information about a machine.Pokud nkdo chce spravovat bota spolu s odpovdnou osobou, mus bt zapsan jako dal odpovdn osoba, jinak bude infobot okamit zruen a stvajc odpovdn osoba zablokovna.Skript infobota sm bt testovn pouze v zamen nestl mstnosti jej nzev pesn definuje, e jde o testovn infobota.

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