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The 51-year-old actor showed off his blonde partner, known only as Jools, as he arrived at Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica, California, on Thursday, to celebrate his daughter Lola’s 12 birthday.While further details about Jools, such as her age, occupation or how […] Milla Jovovich almost quit the Resident Evil film franchise before it began because she felt threatened by the casting of Michelle Rodriguez.We wanted to explore an option that would appeal to child and parent alike.Tittade precis på hur många hästar som vi sålt under åren och det är 23 stycken Har lite funderingar kring försäljning av Svensk födda hästar.

Randy Orton and his family decided to spend a relaxing day at the pool Memorial Day weekend.

Tom stars as military operative Nick Morton in the latest reboot of the Ancient Egyptian thriller franchise, and has maintained his reputation for performing the spectacular set-pieces that he developed fronting the Mission: Impossible films.

The […] Charlie Sheen has stepped out in public with a new girlfriend.

So I searched: No account found with that email address. Turns out lots of people have had their gmail accounts deleted (or disabled)…with very little success getting them back. Because I have backups of everything, if they disable my account, I can just reconstruct everything.

Google has already said NO to my first request to get my account back. If something goes wrong, there are no warnings, no communication, and very little shot at a second chance. That being said, I still believe google puts out the best products and I’m still using them as I reconstruct my life. Now, if something happens to my account, I just change my DNS settings to somewhere else and my email address doesn’t disappear.

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