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She's about to rat on her dad when Alana comes home in a cab, plastered in makeup, and wearing the sluttiest leopard print outfit. Alison might be persuaded to keep quiet about her side job, if Alana lap dances for her. She runs her hands over her small breast and unties her bikini top, despite Alana's protests.Alison quickly deduces the coupon belongs to Alana and waves it in her face confrontationally. Alana grapples with the wrongness of the situation and decides that dancing for Alison is the lesser of two evils. Alana is even more disturbed when her teen stepdaughter divulges how much she's always wanted to do this.The camera is currently in a temporary site whilst we work on a new location that is safer for our technicians to work in.

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August Ames and Lana Rhoades were best friends in high school and co-captains of the chess club.

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Only, Alix and her big tits find something of value in Jessy's pants–his big cock that's perfect for her slutty needs!

When Alix's boyfriend comes home unexpectedly, she'll have to hide the fact that she's cheating behind his back!

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