Truth behind internet dating 2

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Yes, anecdotes of hair-raising internet dates have become dinner-party staples – you know, like "he turned up wearing a toolbelt and immediately burst into tears" – and many were collected in a book published earlier this year. The plunge in self-esteem when your ideal partner remains as elusive as a taxi on New Year's Eve?A quick disclosure: I have a couple of dating profiles online. But this isn't therapy masquerading as a self-pitying article by some bloke in his late-thirties – well, not much, anyway.Tweet I say: Don’t hide behind a computer screen and go ask a girl out, women wake up all over the world everyday wanting to be swept off their feet, be patient and when that opportunity arrises be a man and take action!Although I have never actually done it, it was my belief that internet dating would never work for me.

You miss the beauty of meeting a girl in a spontaneous location or through a great friendship, which are generally the stories of past generations.

I've got a number of friends and acquaintances who share my feelings about the way online dating plays fast and loose with your emotions.

These people are relatively undamaged and sane, without many skeletons in their cupboards.

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