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Changing the default profile image doesn’t have anything to do with fixing the abuse or trolling problems Twitter faces.

That doesn’t mean the company isn’t trying with other updates.

This also becomes the first release where we are going to insist you perform a clean install!

We’ve changed things up a little bit to try to make updating easier for you. More info on that is also on Inara’s blog post, linked below.

This time, just do an uninstall first, and then install the new version. NOTE 1: This release comes with a new feature from LL called Jelly Dolls, which renders complex avatars as a solid color. NOTE 2: We do not have a Havok version for Mac or Linux this time around, Mac because of a conflict with the RLVa update and Linux because there are too few users who use Havok for mesh uploads or Pathfinding.

For those times when you need Havok functionality, you can briefly switch to the LL viewer. Below are just a few highlights that do not represent by any means Linden Lab-Specific Highlights Fully merged up to Linden Lab’s current release 4.0.6 codebase plus some cherry-picked fixes from upstream.

With Edge, updates are released bundled with every new "version" of Windows 10, meaning we only get two major Edge updates a year.

So, putting Edge in the Windows Store allows Microsoft to add new features and enhancements to the browser and release them via app updates in the Store, meaning Microsoft can develop faster and users can get access to new features quicker, without needing to wait for an entire new release of Windows 10.

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