Validating identity lan

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This chapter examines the relationship between authentication and authorization and how to build policies for each, describing a few common Authentication Policies and Authorization Policies to help you see how to work with these policy constructs.

Now that you understand the four main responsibilities of the Authentication Policy, it will be easier to understand why you are doing the things that are introduced in this section.

So, if the conditions do not match, the authentication is compared to the next rule in the policy.

They want me to export this information in an Excel format by the end of the week.

Use this rule to dig into authentication rules and how they work.

If you have a live ISE system, it may help to follow along with the text.

I know this can be done through Ciscoworks and other SNMP management tools, but unfortuntely I don't have those tools available.

Is there a way within the IOS that I can export the the output of these commands to Excel?

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