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reported he hooked up with French booty model /porn star Rosee Divine in Amsterdam back in January. If we were dating someone new, we wouldn’t want to be associated with one of our exes either. Lo’s relationship with A-Rod is very “real.” “[A-Rod] was with [J. Well, now we know why earlier this week, Jennifer was so adamant about letting the world know she’s NOT dating Drake.They were all coupled up behind the scenes, not public, but absolutely not hiding their relationship around close friends and family. They divorced in 2008, and since then, he has dated Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Torrie Wilson, and Anne Wojcicki.And now it looks like he can add Jennifer Lopez to that list.Lo posing together has got the internet going nuts. Lo both posted this photo—sans captions—on IG at almost the same exact time: And of course, it’s got people on social media speculating about the possibility of a new celebrity couple. But they’re clearly going to milk these dating rumors for all they’re worth."Rihanna to JLo" has been trending on Twitter ever since the photo went up, with many people commenting on how Drake has been romantically linked to both Rihanna Does any of this mean that Drake and J. And if they ever do get around to confirming their relationship, social media isn’t going to be able to handle it.Listen to The PHP: Perez Hilton Podcast on Spotify, i Tunes, or directly at Play.it/Perez!And now, yet another Instagram photo of Drake and J.

Aren’t you looking forward to using their eventual couple name, “J-Rod”?

Drake is reportedly feeling the heat from ex-girlfriend Rihanna as rumors swirl that the rapper is moving on from their romance with Jennifer Lopez after sources claimed that Rihanna slammed her ex as a “jerk” in the wake of their October breakup.

According to a new report by , as rumors swirl that Drake has been getting close with Lopez recently, Rihanna is supposedly “really freaked out” by the idea that Drake could soon start dating Jennifer and supposedly doesn’t want to see the rapper move on with another woman, despite Rihanna and Drake calling off their romance in October.

“She can’t stand the thought of him being with another woman.” Notably, the Jennifer and Drake dating rumors come just months after Rihanna gifted Lopez a pair of ,000 boots from her recent collaboration with Milano Blahnik, even including a handwritten note to the former judge in which she claimed that Jennifer was “gonna wear them better than [her].” But while Rihanna has publicly stayed tight-lipped as rumors swirl that Jennifer Lopez and Drake could soon be dating, reports that Rihanna is supposedly starting to feel “jealous” come shortly after she allegedly slammed Drake as a “jerk” for how he handled their breakup.

alleged that Rihanna was supposedly still bitter about how she and Drake ended things after reportedly dating exclusively for the past several months, allegedly claiming that the rapper was a “jerk” in the wake of their breakup after she refused to attend his 30th birthday party earlier this year.

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