Who is trinny woodall dating

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Saatchi's marriage to celebrity chef Nigella Lawson ended in July following an incident where he was photographed with his hands around her throat in an attempt to throttle her.

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Charles' marriage to TV chef Nigella Lawson was ended in July, the month after he was photographed with his hand around his wife's neck at the same restaurant at which he has been seen with Trinny.

She then moved on with Italian businesman Stefano Bonfiglio, but the pair went their separate ways at Christmas.

Cool, calm and collected Nigella Lawson has proven she is the queen of comebacks as she hit back at ex-husband Charles Sachati's new girlfriend Trinny Woodall.

Two weeks previously, he had been briefly sectioned by police under the Mental Health Act after being found at the same location. I've got nothing left." He was released from the hospital, but on November 12 returned to the scene and threw himself from the building.

PC Jonathan Fenton said in a statement that on that occasion, he had driven Mr Elichaoff to a mental health unit, where the former musician and entrepreneur had told him: "I'm depressed because I've lost a lot of money through some terrible investments in oil. Witness Shpresa Vitia said she had driven to the shopping centre that day to meet her mother and spotted Mr Elichaoff sitting alone on the ledge of the car park, having climbed over the barrier.

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